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Hon’s House of Noodle

Authentic Vietnamese Pho in in the nether regions of Cranston Rhode Island.

Oxford Snow

Snowed in Oxford last week. A strange week for so many reasons…

Img 2387 1


Chickpea waits for us to “get organized.”

Cp Waiting

First day back to work 2005

At least it was a pretty walk in.

Silver Road Sunrise

Winter walk to Leon

The land of Asterix and Obelix.

Leon Walk1-2

Though presumably the sign is relatively recent.

Leon Walk2-3

Argh, I can’t stop my brain!

A book about memes that is in itself a meme. Devious.

Now my brain hurts.

“The Meme Machine” (Susan Blackmore)

Jennifer Government

One of those books that I wasn’t too impressed with when I was reading it, but now I keep thinking about it…

Probably going to contribute to my ongoing slide into socialism.

“Jennifer Government” (Max Barry)

Paradox Of Choice

Why being offered 400 channels of TV, 39 mobile phone payments plans and 100 item on the menu of your local curry house doesn’t actually make you feel any better. I’ve always suspected that the cult of “increased choice” is part of a pernicious memeplex that is making us a lot more miserable than we realize.

“Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less” (Barry Schwartz)


Quick trip day-trip on the Eurostar. Very peculiar taking the train from Oxford to Paris.

I had to shoot a few horrible pix with my phone in order to convince myself it was all real.
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Nope, still doesn’t make sense

But I keep trying…

“The Bluffer’s Guide to Cricket” (Nick Yapp)