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Look who showed up

Allen Renear shows up (unannounced) at SSP. Several late nights of ranting about trust-metrics, document models, management headaches and consulting possibilities. It has been ten years since we last conspired like this.

Talk goes well

It looks like attendance exceeded 200. Naturally- I crashed the pips and the hotel was so keen to get us out of the room that we didn’t have time for questions. However, a small crowd gathered around me afterwards- they were complimentary, asked good questions and were not shaking their fists. So a good result, […]

View from Lenox hotel

I have tried the “ask for a room with a view trick” and it has worked yet again. I can’t believe I spent 10 years of business travel without catching on to this. View is down Boylston street in Boston.

Back to the US

Speaking at SSP in Boston on Thursday (June 2nd) on the “Journal of the Future”. View from VA lounge at the new control tower.

The Chowhound Passport

Going to a Szechwan, Thai or Korean restaurant with my friend, David, frequently turns into a pantomime as we try various tactics to convince the staff that we REALLY DO MEAN IT when we say that we want our food authentically spicy- and not some watered down version designed for American/British palates. I don’t think […]

Cafe Orient

If you live in Oxford and have not been to the Cafe Orient, drop what you are doing and go straight there now. If you are visiting Oxford, ignore all the restaurant advice that you find in guidebooks and go to the Cafe Orient instead.

Winter walk to Leon

The land of Asterix and Obelix. Though presumably the sign is relatively recent.


Quick trip day-trip on the Eurostar. Very peculiar taking the train from Oxford to Paris. I had to shoot a few horrible pix with my phone in order to convince myself it was all real. [See Photos]

Unfortunate workshop…

Washington DC March 2004


Taken from the stage about 30 minutes before my talk I wasn’t quite expecting such a big venue. Seconds before I start, the moderator leans over to me and says “You know- this is the stage that Ronald Reagan spoke from just before he was shot”. I think we was trying to calm my nerves.