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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Two graphs that explain most IT dysfunction (Part II)

In Part I, I described two graphs that I think help explain much IT dysfunction. I also noted that, typically: People in group A will often talk to and solicit advice from people in group C. (think VC or CEO talking to technical guru) There are relatively few people in group C. (some companies might […]

Chickpea meets a cow- and doesn’t have one.

Two graphs that explain most IT dysfunction (Part I)

Inspired by reading about other people’s blogging weaknesses, I’ve decided to finally get this one off the back burner and post it. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t original, but I started thinking about this way back in 1996 (pre-social-bookmarking) and I’ve lost my pointer to whatever influenced it. Anybody who can set me straight- […]

The lazyweb works

After my trash-talk about “uber-geeks”, Leigh Dodds picked up the “Subscribe To My Brain” challenge and produced this within hours. He even produced a button, which -as everybody knows- automatically turns beta software into a production service… It turns out that Phil Wilson, was working on a similar concept and Danny Ayers was thinking along […]

I want to subscribe to your brain

The other day I was talking to a former colleague and I was trying to explain how I have gradually switched to using an assortment of social content tools as my primary mechanism for finding relevant and authoritative information on the web. With these tools, I can subscribe to an assortment of RSS feeds produced […]

Look who showed up

Allen Renear shows up (unannounced) at SSP. Several late nights of ranting about trust-metrics, document models, management headaches and consulting possibilities. It has been ten years since we last conspired like this.

Talk goes well

It looks like attendance exceeded 200. Naturally- I crashed the pips and the hotel was so keen to get us out of the room that we didn’t have time for questions. However, a small crowd gathered around me afterwards- they were complimentary, asked good questions and were not shaking their fists. So a good result, […]

View from Lenox hotel

I have tried the “ask for a room with a view trick” and it has worked yet again. I can’t believe I spent 10 years of business travel without catching on to this. View is down Boylston street in Boston.