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Monthly Archives: March 2004

Unfortunate workshop…

Washington DC March 2004

Unfortunate shop name…

Say it fast… It still makes me giggle.


Taken from the stage about 30 minutes before my talk I wasn’t quite expecting such a big venue. Seconds before I start, the moderator leans over to me and says “You know- this is the stage that Ronald Reagan spoke from just before he was shot”. I think we was trying to calm my nerves.

Universal Doughnuts

Is this country great or what? Washington DC. Dupont Circle (Across from the Hilton)


The ubiquitous blue underlined “links” that we are all familiar with are the lobotomized sprog of a once-rich typology of links that were experimented with back when “hypertext” meant more than “the web” ( See history of link types ) But even Randy Trigg’s link taxonomy looks simplistic when compared to the subtleties and complexities […]

Trust: From Socrates To Spin

As you might imagine, a lot of discussion of politics, media, industry, etc. What I found most interesting was the discussion of the polar opposite trust models underlying academia and the internet. “Trust: ..From Socrates to Spin” (Kieron O’Hara)